Beautiful Asian Girl – Nice Smile!

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Most of the time then girl is smiling at me it tells me that she is positive and it will be much more fun to have a chat with her about anything than comparing if I would talk to a girl who is in a bad mood and just there to sell their body, it’s not fun at all. So always pick girls who are smiling and have a positive attitude and by doing that you will get more pleasure from sex shows with such models, that works best and I can tell you from my experience.

You know what guys, I will tell you the secret of how to get more pleasure from live shows with girls in them, I mean I will tell you how to make the girl happy.

So here is the big thing you should know!

Make her smile, as you know girls are driven by emotions so the first thing you should do when trying to talk to her is to make her smile. You can tell a cocky joke or compliment her in a funny way. It will bring down the tension and girl will feel more comfortable with you.